Ann's Scrap Quilts
Ann's Scrap Quilts
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Welcome to my website, designed and maintained by our oldest son, William, until he moved to California in 2002, now by me and my husband, John.

I love quilting, and am pleased to be able to show off my scrap quilts. Scrap quilts are made with odds and ends of material from many sources: presents, donations, swaps with other quilters, old clothes, flea markets, garage sales, and the occasional visit to a local quilt store. I quilt with scraps for many reasons: thriftiness, making something from stuff others were going to throw out, sentimentality (my grandmother's apron!), and the artistic challenge of using what's available.

At the moment, I make traditional pattern quilts, getting inspiration from a multitude of places: mostly library books on quilting, but also exhibitions, other websites, and tv programs. The internet quilting chat rooms are also very interesting and informative.

Please, feel free to email me. I'd like to hear your comments.

Ann Sitch

Bed Size Quilts (17 quilts)

  1. Iron Ring
  2. Gibber's Delight
  3. Diamonds Streak o' Lightning
  4. Dog Woman's Quilt
  5. Four Red Corners
  6. Squares
  7. Janes Trapunto Quilt
  8. Scrap Blocks Quilt
  9. Four Patch Variation (Oct '00)
  10. Log Cabin Variation (Nov '00)
  11. Joe's Quilt (Nov '00)
  12. Linda's Quilt (Jan '02)
  13. Carla's Quilt
  14. Trish's Quilt
  15. Jessica & Peter's Wedding Quilt
  16. scrap blocks quilt
  17. Ben's quilt

Cot Quilts (14 quilts)

  1. Circles Cot Quilt
  2. Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire
  3. Red Quilt
  4. Multicoloured
  5. Orange Diamonds
  6. Flowers Quilt
  7. Drunkards Path
  8. Carla's Baby's Quilt
  9. Drunkards Path Variation (Sep '00)
  10. Baby Arnold's Quilt (Jan '02)
  11. Sally's Quilt (Jan '02)
  12. Esther's Baby's Quilt (Jan '02)
  13. Poppy's Quilt (Jan '02)
  14. Grandperson's Quilt (Jan '03)

Lap Quilts (9 quilts)

  1. Plaid Diagonal
  2. Everlasting Tree
  3. Blue n Green Streak o Lightning (Sep '00)
  4. Plaid Bears Paw (Oct '00)
  5. Squares (Oct '00)
  6. Straits of Georgia
  7. Peter's Quilt
  8. Alma Blais' Quilt
  9. Broken Pastels

Wall Hangings (4 quilts, click for preview page)

  • Williams Wall Hanging
  • Blockbender
  • Blocks, Star & Chevrons
  • Circular Systems